Guest Blogger Terri Sonoda

Hi I invited My Big Sis here to tell each of you her most exciting news.What started as a cliff hanging story on her blog has turned into one of the best books I”ve had the chance to read!! And Yes I’m one proud cookie of my Big SIS!! So now I like to introduce my Big SIS Author Terri Sonoda.


Hello! I’m Terri.  Thank you, Robin, for allowing me to talk about my new book on your beautiful blog!

First of all, a little bit about my little sister.  Most of you know she’s vertically challenged  (4’11” tall) and I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of teasing her about it.  She used to get really pissed when we were growing up and pull my hair and stuff.  Now she just ignores me.  And why?  Because she knows that every inch of her is pure awesomeness.  And it’s true.  She’s awesome.  And I love her.  She always supports me in my crazy endeavors, and for this I am truly grateful.  I am blessed to have Robin for my little sister.

Ok, now on to the book pimping.  I get all mushy sometimes.  I don’t know where that comes from.

I am beyond pleased to announce the launching of my first novella, titled Sara’s SleepSara’s Sleep was born on my blog, Terri’s Little Corner,  and blossomed into a book, as if by magic.

Well not really.

It took a lot of work on my part and also Karla and the team at Adoro Books.  Their editing and amazing design of the book cover art added special spice to my work and made me even more proud to present it to the world.

Sara’s Sleep officially launches on July 1st, and we are celebrating online with a Launch Party complete with fun, frivolity and even a few prizes.  If you’d like to drop in for the festivities, just go to on Sunday, July 1st, anytime between 2 and 4 pm PST.  Join in on the conversation and the fun.  I will be your hostess with the most..est.   What?  No really!

Even though the launch is several days away, Sara’s Sleep is available now for purchase on Amazon.  The paperback is $7.45 and the downloadable Kindle version is only 99 cents.   And?  You don’t have to own a Kindle to download the book.  You can read the book right from your computer screen.  Just go to Amazon and download their free “Kindle for my PC” app, then grab your 99 cent copy of Sara’s Sleep and get to reading!   Easy peazy!   Just click on the book below to get to Amazon.  While you’re there, please feel free to leave me a review of the book, and even click on the LIKE button if you are so inclined.  I would be all kinds of grateful.  And I’d probably even do a happy dance or two.


It could happen.  I’m a cool grandma.  So is my LIL Sis.  We are rocking the 50s demographic, let me tell you!

Thank you again, Robin, for having me.  It was fun playing over in your yard for a change.  And thanks everyone, for reading.  I hope you all enjoy Sara’s Sleep!


Eating my Veggies

So I went to the doctor last week and he did a lot of test since I’m a new patient. I like him, he’s an older man and smiles all the time. He’s very friendly and  a good old fashion doctor who takes his time with his patients to make sure they understand everything.

He did one test that I’ve never had before. I had to blow in a little bag, then drink this awful lemon stuff wait 15 minutes and blow in another bag. Well after he got some results back he called me back in and went over them with me.

Come to find out I have an infection in my stomach. I knew it hadn’t been feeling right and after I eat it really hurt. So he ask me to go on a veggie and fruit diet for the next three weeks. I’ve always been a meat and two veggies person but hey if it will stop the hurting I’m all for it.

So far I am doing alright with it. It’s really not that bad. I love fruits, fresh that is. And if it helps me lose weight that will make it even better. Especially since I hurt myself on my new ab lounger. What was I thinking? We had one that tore up and had to be thrown away. Then in the want ads I found one at a dirt cheap price and got it. I was so happy I forgot how long it had been. So instead of starting slow I screwed up big time.

I’ve been in pure agony. So bad I’ve not been able to be on it for bout 9 days now. This old girl’s body let her know who boss. When I do start back up you can bet I’ll be sensible a work my way back up. And as for the ulcer, I’ve faced tougher things than that.

Wish me luck and if you have some yummy veggie or fruit dishes share them with me.

Mr. McDreamy

Wow , I didnt realize it would take this long to get settled in but here I am. Well I took that Leap Of Faith and landed smack dab in the middle of paradise. I’m so loving this place. Left all the negative, depressing, junk behind me and feeling gooood!!!

It’s been a long time coming too! I can truly say I right now I feel free and no regrets  and loving life for once. Heck  I’ve got in mind to start reshaping myself to fit my mood.

Now comes a new first for me, why in the heck have I started having dreams about my first love? I met him when I was around 12. My family had gone to see my Maw Maw and PawPaw and aunts and uncles in Copperhill. And he was running around with my cousins. We had a childhood crush on each other then. But when I was 15 we got to know each other when we moved to Copperhill. He was growing up and living with my relatives. So that first day I moved there was the begining of the high school sweethearts. He was alot of first for me. My first real love , first date, first make out, first heart break, and yes I was his first virgin bride, probably the only virgin he had. And being a virgin bride is so stupidly over rated. ( Mothers please don’t let this happen to your daughters talk to them).

Especially when I had no one to tell me about  things (sex)! Oh my! the s word.Really! Some one  in the family could have given me a clue. And my poor Daddy, Lord knows if he had bet the family savings on my virginity we’d have been millionaires!!!! Mom wasnt interested enough to talk to me and my Big SIS was gone. So I had the most embarrassing wedding night in history. I didn’t  know how I was suppose to feel. And didn’t have a clue of what to do. He did cause of the many little hoes he had been with.  I was shy, and I wasn’t about to talk to his sisters I didnt even know. And in the next few weeks I found out some things about him I just couldn’t except. All I knew is I loved him, and I knew he loved me too. He did’nt have all the answers either. But I was away from my family. I felt so very alone, and stupid, and unhappy. So like a lost little girl I asked him to take me home to my MawMaws. And then I  left Copperhill and went and lived with Terri til she went to Turkey.

I mean it’s only been let’s say close to 35ish years ago so why now? Well I have been listening to country music, songs like “What Might Have Been”,  Oh and two of my favorite songs “Close To You”  and ” Long Ago” and the one I use to sing to him ” Me and Bobby(Danny) McGee” I cant help it even now If I hear I sing it!! Or could it be that by friending some of his relatives on facebook I friended his wife. So every time I go on facebook BOOM there he is. GASP!!!

Am I crazy of course I am. But if she knew what we have in common then and still friended me so be it. Anyway my Dad really hated him. I guess cause he had taken his baby girl away. But a few months ago it was my Dad who spoke to me about him. Thankful Dad had got his information messed up cause he  heard he had cancer.  It  wasnt him, but one of his family had just died from it.That was sad too! What’s his name, Oops my bad its Danny, Would I like to see him again, yes. But would I be able to face him again. I probably would still turn that blushy pink tone he use to tease me about.

But most off all .

I am really glad to know he has a home and family. Which is something he grew up without cause his parents died when he was young.  That’s why he grew up with his grandpaw, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  He just always fit right in with my family as if he was one of us . Well I just recently found out why! We have been living with a BIG family secret. And yes I would like the be the one who tells him. If he doesn’t already know.  It will really blow his mind! And I would like to tell him how glad I am that he does not have cancer.

So tell me now, does your first ever cross you mind, or show up in one of your warm sweet dream unexpectantly? Let’s talk about it. Leave me comments.

Life Is Good Today

You gonna make me cry! I’m having a hard time

leaving my wonderful friends here in Calhoun.

Brentha,Lori, Slyvia, Donna, I love you all and your

families, each one you have a special place in

 my heart.

I’ve been very busy trying to get everything packed and all

my business done before the first of the month. Including

spending time with my friends.

It aint like I wont be able to come back and see them. But

each time the move is mentioned I see tears whell up in their

eyes and it just tares me up.

Have you ever moved and had to leave your friends? If

you have how did you handle it? Can you suggest ways I

can handle it to help keep my friends from being so hurt.

It’s not like it was when I was growing up , when you

couldn’t just call on the phone or go on line.  Thank

the Lord for modern Tech.

Back then when my SIS Terri left home I was crushed.

I was her pain in the but , but no one could love her

more than I do.

And I’ve had some very close friends I’ve had to leave

and was sad. 

 These Ladies have been through the good times and bad

times with me. We’ve raised our kids together. And I just

wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all

” I got my toes in the water,

My ass in the sand, The sun in my face,

A cold beer in my hand, Life is good today”.



Or Ya’ll come and lay in the Sun with me!!!




“Wow  I feel as if I feel asleep and woke up in another time frame!”  Dang getting older is hard work.  Makes me weary of going down town, I’m afraid some little boy might ask me if I need help crossing the street.  Oh yeah ,  I’ve still got that yearning to cut a rug, kick up my  heels, and wait a minute>>> what da I ‘m not 80 or 90 I still need to raise heck every now and then.  Or so my lovely daughter Sharon found out. 

Few months  ago she took me out partying at a club.  I was feeling kinda out-of-place until the karaoke DJ cranked up the machine.  After a couple of drinks and pretty descent guys sang and one drunk girl that sounded like she stepped on a cat’s tail got through singing, I got the crazy notion to get up there and kick  it.  Nobody was dancing, some where clapping and most were getting fairly happy.  So to my daughter’s great surprise the DJ called my name.  I kept hearing as I was walking up to the stage MOMA , Moma, what the h , Moma, and then the microphone was in my hand.  The DJ seemed pretty happy to announce I was changing the atmosphere a little bit. I picked a song the me and Sharon had sung millions of times going down the road jamming.

As the introduction started all the loud talking stopped, Sharon and her buddies were headed down front and the dance floor started filling,up. Aretha Franklin would have been rocking right along , ” RESPECT” don’t what means to me,, everybody was sang with me it was really cool. See it’s been a while but I use to sing in church with a group , Me and my friend Patty actually got the chance to audition for the manager of country group Exile but my ex would not  let me go.

I had a great time that night and I think I reminded my daughter of some pretty neat times we’ve had ride down the road singing. And when me and my Big SIS go on that Cruise if they have Karaoke  I might get up again and get the place shaking  with another song ” I’ll Be Taken Care Of Business”. Oh Yeah! LIL SIS is crazy like that.

Lost, Found, And Unanswered Questions

Have you ever just wished for a clean slate. a fresh start? And if the opportunity arose would you take a chance of the unknown? I’ve always loved the beach and ocean. But I raised my kids in the small town of Calhoun. Well the whole family have decided to fly south. We’re leaving Mayberry uh I meant Calhoun for a fresh new start in Alabama. 

The Lost, When I was young we bounced around Atlanta so often. I think I went to every county and city school there was. And I hated it . I was a shy person and it seemed like every time  I finally made friends I was saying goodbye to them. So after I grew and had my own kids I was determined that they would grew up with their friends and go through that same school system. And they did just that. We moved for about 5 months to Louisiana because Dad had got transferred out there before he retired. I hated being away from my Dad but I had to come back home to Georgia. 

The Found, Ever heard the song “All My EX”S Live In Texas”? Well all mine live in Calhoun or nearby.  So I’m ready for a new look on life. Plus I’ll be closer to my Big SIS. I found out that sometime being in a place where everyone knows you isn’t such a great thing. I weighed the pros and cons and I’m kinda excited about the move.

Unanswered Questions, Yes this is major change in life, and I apprehensive as to the untold future. But who knows what tomorrow may bring. Life is like a great book, only we can decide whether to turn the next page, and when the next chapter beings and end. Only God knows our future, and he was wise to make it that way. 

Lost, Found and Unanswered Questions

Hello out there.  I hope you find my blog entertaining, informative, humorous, and just down right fun to read.  And I’m open to suggestions, so feel free to leave your comments. It’s a real blah day in the south. Been raining for  few days so it’s more sleeping weather. So let’s start with,

Lost- Lately I’ve been trying to work out to Wii Fitness. Oh , ouch, ugh, Stop everything mama where’s the heating  pad is pretty much explains how I feel. See I had a stroke a couple of years ago, so I’m still working to try to get more strength built up. I can’t lift my right arm up above my waist.  and the stroke  hit my right side like a brick wall. Oh but don’t feel bad or sympathetic for me. If you read my blog my big SIS published then you will know I’m  one heck of a fighter. Like they say no pain no gain.  And we have the Zumba too!No one should have to watch that one, those small girls make it look so easy, yeah right!  I only do these when I’m home alone. I know what I can and cannot do. But yes I do push the limits. I guess what hurts the most is I lost my school girl figure.  I know I wont get that one back  but I can come close.

Found- No pain No gain ,well by george this stuff otta be look prime in no time “I Hope”. At least one thing I have found this out this week.  Heather and Johnny’s babysitter quit on them without notice so” DUH tada Dah” . It’s super nanna to the rescue.Not as fa I love spending time with my grandchildren. After 9 years my kids decided the wanted one more. So this past summer I got a new Grandson (Chance) in may and at the end of July a new granddaughter (Hadley). She is Heather and Johnny’s and nanna’s lil luv bug. She smiles and laughs all the time, could be because I forget to put my dentures in.

Unanswered questions-When did I get Old? It just slipped right up on me. Oh and where are the batteries so I can turn down Hadley’s energy. But I’m bond and determined that I’m going to give as much of me as I do the older grandkids.

I loved being a Mom , but being a single mom I had to work. And I had a couple  Unhappily ever afters. But 16 years ago when my first grandchild was born I found out that being a grandparent is the greatest feeling I’ve ever known. I thank God for that.